Thursday, October 31, 2013

#GoalGetter2013 - October Edition

Happy Halloween Folks!

Who's dressed up in costume today?  Who's giving out candy tonight?  Who's been eating candy for the past week and had to go back to the grocery store to get more?  That would normally be me, however, this year, since Halloween happens to fall on a Thursday night and coincidentally my run group ALSO meets on Thursday nights I thought it might be fun to dress up in costume, do our workout and then go out for a pint and a bite to eat afterwards.

Fun?  FUN!!  Hopefully the rain stops by 6:30 tonight or I might be the only lunatic out there running around.  Or, I may be sitting in the dark inside my house, hoping it doesn't get egged because we're not handing out candy.

I didn't get too creative with my costume as I wanted something easy and comfortable to run in.  So a sparkly red devil it is.  I have enough red running gear so I should be able to pull this off.

We all know what Halloween means, right?  It means that Winter Is Coming.  I can't believe that November is pretty much here already.  That means I need to start thinking about Christmas and as much as I love it, I'm just not ready.  But I better get on that or else I will be that lady with the crazed look in her eyes tearing through the mall on Christmas Eve.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's look back at October shall we?

I had simple goals for this month leading up to my BIG goal.  All I had to do was keep getting my workouts in (check) and make sure I took care of myself (check).  Oh and I was supposed to put my beerstagrams on hold.  And I did.  Kind of.  But no matter, I still managed to check another big honkin' to do off my 2013 List and that was break 1:30 for a half so I'm quite happy with the way October panned out.

Now that my off season is here, I have two goals:

1.  Work on my flexibility

2.  Get back into a solid strength training routine that focuses on developing power.   Yes, the squat rack and I are going to get reacquainted and I can't wait.  

I'm going to dial back the intensity in my weekly runs as well.  Right now I run 3 times a week.  One long run, one tempo run and one interval run.  I'll keep doing the tempo runs to keep my speed up as I do have one last race left in December.   I'm going to replace my interval run with an easy / medium paced run just so I'm not killing myself twice a week.  There's no need for that session right now.  Once Boston training starts, I'll add that back in.  For now, I'll just enjoy putting one foot in front of the other without any worry about pace or distance. 

How was your October? 

What are your goals for November?

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