Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playlist Thursday: Danceability

I'm a music lover so I'm always looking for new tunes to work out to.  Thanks to Pavement Runner and his weekly post Playlist Thursday, I can check out what other runners are listening to.  There is always a theme for Playlist Thursday and this week it happens to be "Danceability".  I've been known to bust a move or two in the middle of a run so I decided to join in the fun this week. 

To make it really interesting, he's got 3 categories that your song choices should fall in to.

Something Old:  These should be songs that are at least 5 years old. 
Something Current:  These should be songs that have been released within the past year.  This is a tough one for me given that I don't listen to popular radio.
Something to Consider:  These could be songs that are not typically heard on the radio and may be by artists you've never heard or have never considered running to.  These songs can be old or current.

Something Old
Artist:  Prince
Title:  Let's Go Crazy
Side Note:  If you want a kick in the pants mid run, crank this.
Quotable:  "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life".

Let's go crazy/Prince & The Revolution by gaimon5656

Something Current:
Artist:  Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera
Title:  Moves Like Jagger
Side Note:  I'm squeaking by with this one as it was released in June of 2011, but the beat is good and it really does pick me up if I'm starting to feel rough.
Quotable:  "Maybe it's hard when you feel like you're broken and scarred"

Something to Consider:
Artist:  Divine
Title:  Native Love
Side Note:  I'm digging into the archives for this one.  It was always a song that would get me out on the dance floor and now it's in regular rotation on my running playlist.  The beat is perfect for running and the chorus is a great reminder to put one foot in front of the other.
Quotable:  "My car is by Ferrari and my body's Jack LaLanne, my clothes are by Armani and my hair is by Elaine."

Would any of these songs get you up and dancing? 

Have you ever busted a move mid run? 
  I have on several occasions.  Sometimes it just feels right, no matter how tired you are. 


PavementRunner said...

You totally put Prince on here! You rock and that song is friggin amazing! A must have for any playlist!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Hells yeah. That song has helped me find an extra gear in many a race!!

Jan said...

Great suggestions! I don't have much music at all on my iPod (I do mostly podcasts). I'm going to try these out!