Sunday, April 20, 2014

'Twas The Night Before Boston: #Mingsanity Week 15

4 months of training, 2 pairs of shoes, hundreds of Instagram photos and almost 700km covered to get me to this point. Tomorrow morning I will be lining up with 36,000 other crazy folks to run the 118th edition of the Boston Marathon.

I'm freaking out a bit but, like a kid at Christmas, I'm also pretty excited. I think it's going to be an incredibly special day and I'm looking forward to soaking it all up. The city is ready to go, the energy here is palpable. There also seems to be way more people here this year than last year which is not surprising.

I've done a couple of runs over the last few days and my legs are feeling good. My knees are another story. They aren't horrible, but they're not 100%. Nothing I can do about any of that now except to realize that at some point tomorrow, it will become mind over matter. Although, this is the most well rested I've been heading into a race and that has to count for something. This was how my week panned out:

Monday: slept in

Tuesday: 8km run

Wednesday: 800m swim

Thursday: off

Friday: off

Saturday: 5.74km

Sunday: 3.33 km

I think that worked out to about two hours of workouts, haha. Now that's what I call a taper!

Yes, I have a time goal, but I'm going to run like I did last year- with no expectations, just gratitude. As my coach said: "There is no pressure for this run, believe in your training and the work you've done. Go out there and really enjoy yourself and have tons of fun with it!"

That's exactly what I plan on doing. Watch for that big grin on Instagram tomorrow!




Unknown said...

So excited for you! Good luck tomorrow!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

I'll be watching and cheering you on. Good luck tomorrow, Phaedra! Boston Strong!!!

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

Just seeing this now. I know you are running as I read this! Can't wait to hear how you did!


Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! said...

So exciting - can't wait for the recap!