Monday, April 14, 2014

The Countdown Is ON! #Mingsanity Week 14

Holy Smokes.  This time next week I will be toeing the line in Hopkinton.  I'm starting to FREAK OUT with excitement but I'm sure I will quickly forget about that once my week gets underway.  Last week was crazy busy and this week looks to be much of the same.  I've got two back to back 13 hour shoot days, the last one being the day before we leave for Boston.


Needless to say I spent Sunday making a list and packing as much of my stuff as possible.  Unfortunately I will have to finish packing on Thursday night when I get home, probably around 10:00 pm, because we're going to hit the road around 5:00 am on Friday.   Good thing I can sleep in the car. 

Last week was my first week of taper so my volume decreased quite a bit.  It was all about easy workouts and rest, rest and more rest.  This week, the goal is much of the same.  I've already written off my Thursday morning run and potentially my Wednesday morning swim due to work.  Before I start getting into this week, let's look at my last week of training.  As usual, I'm linking up with the Bestfoot ladies, Krysten, Amanda and Erica to recap my week of training.

Monday:  2400m swim

Tuesday: Hilly 10km run + body weight workout.  Had an optional bike workout but got home from work late so I skipped it.

Wednesday: 2050m swim

Thursday:  easy 10km in a.m. with my friend David, testing out the Wave Rider 17's.  40 minute ride in P.M (was supposed to be an hour but I was hungry and bored so I got off early.

Friday:  OFF

Saturday:  Last long run!  17km in the books followed by a quick body weight workout, followed by a massage.  Yes!

Sunday:  Skipped our swim because we were out late.  60 minutes on the trainer. 


Swim:  4450m
Bike:  46.39km
Run:  38.64km

Total time:  6h 42 minutes. I suspect that this week's hourly total will probably be similar or a wee bit less.  After Boston I'll be lucky if I see another week like this for a while, ha ha.

How was your week of training?  Who has a big race coming up?


Krysten Siba Bishop said...

WAY TO GO GIRL!!! I can't wait to follow along while you are in Boston. You have been killing it!!! So I know you will be amazing!

Ririnette said...

You're going to have a great time in Boston, I'm sure of it!! 6.5h of training sure sounds liks slacking, but you've earned the rest. You'll be doubling all that in no time. ;-)

I ran Yonge St. 10K and smashed my PR, that was fun. I also had my first week of almost 13h of training. That was less fun. We can do this!!

Christina @ the athletarian said...

I cannot believe Boston is THIS FREAKING WEEKEND! I am so pumped for you!! Still a great week of workouts. You deserve ALL the rest and ALL the carbs this week! HAPPY TAPER!

Abby said...

Cannot wait to cheer you on, virtually, in Boston.

Unknown said...

Yay! Good luck in Boston can't wait for your recap!