Friday, January 25, 2013

Verdict #1

A few days ago I was moaning about how my knees were bugging me and that I was starting to get a little worried.   I was so freaked out I made two appointments with two different sports medicine doctors.  I had my first appointment this afternoon.  While I wasn't given any definite answers as to what exactly I may have, I was reassured that it wasn't serious.


This doc suspects that I have either patella femoral syndrome or patella tendonitis.  Either way, it means that I'm not running the 29km I had scheduled for tomorrow.  The good news is that he felt that with some good physiotherapy I'd be back up and running relatively quickly.  So Tuesday morning I have an appointment with a physiotherapist.  Then, because a second opinion is never a bad thing, I have another appointment with a second sports medicine doctor.  I suspect that her answers will probably be the same and if that's the case at least I'll have some peace of mind.

I really hate not being able to run but I know that if I ignore these symptoms and keep training then I'll risk doing some serious damage.  Knee issues are not to be taken lightly.  No siree.  So, I will suck it up and either spend some quality time with my bike or finally get my butt to a hot yoga class or two.  Given the amount of cracking my hips are doing every time I stand up, I think I'm overdue for a good stretching session.

I suppose that taking tomorrow off running won't necessarily be a bad thing, especially since it's supposed to be -11 and snowing in the morning.   Hmmm...the idea of spending an hour sweating in a steamy hot room is sounding better and better every minute. 

How far are you running this weekend?

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