Thursday, January 17, 2013

Playlist Thursday - Bust A Move

Oh hello Thursday so nice to see you again!   Yes folks, it's Playlist Thursday once again.  This one is dedicated to songs that make you want to bust a move while running.  Come on, you know you've done it.  I know I have.  I've got the funky hand moves down pat.  Still no video to prove it but perhaps one day.  

The "Rules" of Playlist Thursday:

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old.
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.  I'm going to bend the rules a bit with this one.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever floats yer boat.

And whatever you do, don't forget to head over to Pavement Runner's blog to check out the Playlist Thursday catalog for more musical inspiration.

Something Old
Artist: MC Hammer
Title:  U Can't Touch This
NotableWho doesn't want to dance when they hear this song??  If this song doesn't move you then I don't think you have a funky bone in your body.  I have been known to do the infamous dance from time to time, usually at the start of my taper (I blame early tapermadness).   I've even done it in a wetsuit on a floating dock in the middle of Lake Zurich.  The Swiss didn't know what hit them.  True Story.
Quotable:  "Fresh new kicks, advance you gotta like that, now, you know you wanna dance So move, outta your seat and get a fly girl and catch this beat."

Something New (to me)
Artist: Common
Title:  Universal Mind Control
Notable: Thanks to Pavement Runner for introducing this song to me last year via Playlist Thursday.  Technically it's not a "new release" but it's new to me so that's going to have to cut it for this week.  I have been known to hit repeat several times in a row when this song comes during a run.  It really gets the funky hands going. 
Quotable:  "This is that automatic I stay fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic.  Beat goes fast, exceed galactic."

Somethingto Consider
Artist: Gorillaz
Title:  Feel Good Inc.
Notable:    These guys had some great tunes but this is one of my faves.  Definitely puts some pep in my step when I'm out running.
Quotable:  Love forever, love is free, let's turn forever, you and me

What do you think? Are you ready to bust a move?


Abby said...

I dance all the time when I run. It makes me happy so I don't mind any goofy looks i get.

Beka said...

You(any person in general) have no soul if you don't break out the hammer moves Can't touch this!

Phaedra Kennedy said...

Me too!! :)

Phaedra Kennedy said...

AMEN to that sistah!!! :D