Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Musings: The Countdown is On

Happy Monday!

This time next week I will be enjoying the Florida sunshine!  I CAN'T WAIT.  Two whole months of warmth and sunshine, which I desperately need.  It's been grey and dreary for the past week and it looks like the rest of this week is going to be much of the same.  On the plus side the temps have been mild so that's been nice.   So much for this being the worst winter ever!  I've been running around trying to get things sorted before we take off.   I had an eye doctor's appointment (hello progressive lenses ugghhhh), had lunch with my cousin and went to visit my folks this week.  I've also finally got someone on board to re-design this space AND create a new site for my coaching business.  YEAH!

In other news:  I PASSED MY PERSONAL TRAINING THEORY EXAM!  I got 92%.  I am Gobsmacked.  Now I've got 6 months to write, practice and execute my practical exam.  I'm SO EXCITED!    I'm looking forward to having one more certification under my belt and being able to integrate what I've learned into my coaching business.

Remember last week when I was saying that I felt good?  Well I think I jinxed myself.  Literally two days after I said that,  my quads cramped so hard at the gym that I had to re-jig my entire week of training.  I'm chalking it up to not properly warming up.  I really should know better but I didn't give myself enough time to get it done.  Lesson learned.   I may have been doing this a long time but I still do stupid things, ha ha.  All that being said, I still ended up  having a decent week of training.

This is how things rolled out:

Monday:  2100m swim + 30 minute recovery ride

Tuesday:  Super icy out so skipped run.  60 minute strength work (full body)

Wednesday:  2300m swim + 40  minute base ride.

Thursday:  9.64km run + 60 minute strength work (mostly upper body due to sore legs)

Friday:  OFF

Saturday:  17km run with the last 7km at tempo effort.  I am happy to say that I smashed this workout.  I wasn't sure what I'd be able to hold pace wise but I'm thrilled to report that there is still some speed in these legs!

Sunday:   2:05 hour trainer ride.  I was going to do a run off the bike but my gluts and low back were really bothering me so I foam rolled, stretched and put my compression tights on for the rest of the day.   There will be plenty of time for brick workouts in the coming weeks.  And, I won't have to layer up for them!  BONUS.

Total Time:  9 hours and 3 minutes

This was my longest cycle I've done without a rest day.  My last rest day previous to Friday's was on January 9th.  I was curious to see how my body would respond to easy recovery efforts vs a day off after my hard weekend efforts.  Given that almost all of my running has been in the moderate aerobic zone, I'm not surprised I was able to log two full weeks of training before taking a day off.  Moving forward, I think I will probably end up doing 7-10 days of work and 1-2 days off depending on how I feel.  We'll see how that works for me.  It's still early in the season so I have some time to figure out what works best.

How was your week of training?  Who else is missing the sunshine?  

Be Awesome!
Coach PK

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