Sunday, January 15, 2012

Give Me Strength!

Since my current strength training plan is coming to a close, I've been scouring the 'net for a strength training plan geared to runners.  I've found a few surprising and interesting things along the way.  And some pages I've bookmarked for future reference.  I'm surprised at the number of articles that recommend doing workouts on machines.  Really?  Don't get me wrong, machines are alright for some things but they don't engage ALL of your muscles because you're sitting or lying down.  You don't run sitting or lying down.  You are upright and you're using one leg at a time.   It makes more sense to do the work 1) standing up and 2) alternating legs (i.e doing single leg work).  This article by Eric Cressey had me laughing out loud.   It is probably one of the best things I've read on weight training for endurance athletes.  I agree with the man 110%.   Why?  Because I'm living proof of this.  I scaled back my miles and hit the gym.  I lifted heavier than I've ever lifted.  The miles I did were hard miles but my body could take it because of my strength training.

Now as my current program comes to a close (Krista's Next Level for Women from Precision Nutrition)  I am at feeling a bit at a loss, thus my online search.  I've found something that looks interesting.  It's designed by the legendary runner Alberto Salazar for Olympic hopeful, Kara Goucher.  It's got a few of my favourite moves in it:  single leg deadlifts and box step ups.  It also incorporates single leg squats into the mix which is something my massage therapist and ART guy are always telling me to do.   Given that my body is probably going to take even more of a beating this year than last year, I'm going to have to step up (single leg only!) to the plate and start doing them. 

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