Monday, July 11, 2011

Clip Clop Through the Forest...

So I've finally taken the plunge and signed up for my first ever trail race.  Of course I opted to sign up for the most technical one this race series offers.  Only because I wanted to do a race this month.   I've heard many great things about this race series as well as this particular race.  I've got a few friends that are doing it as well so it should be a good time.

I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous.  I know it's only 5km but it's out of my pavement comfort zone.  I know what road racing is all about.  I generally know where to seed myself and I know there's always room to pass folks.  But this trail racing...well it's a whole other animal.    Do I seed myself mid-pack and risk getting stuck behind a slower runner?  Or do I opt to move closer to the front and then risk holding up other runners?  I know what my abilities are on pavement but on a trail, I have no idea.  I fully expect to be slower just because of the nature of the event.  But, I think about my tri in Woodstock and that was all off road.  Gravel paths and grass and I still managed to pull off 4:23km's.  Granted there wasn't much in the way of any hills either.  So who knows.   The course is described as "a wide variety of groomed screenings where athletes can pass, spread out and warm up to some intense single track, rocky limestone, boardwalk through a swampy section (!), grassy section and a burning vertical back up the escarpment before the final stretch toward the finish line."

That sounds like a LOT to fit in to 5 km.

I guess I'll find out what's it's all about on Saturday.  Who knows, maybe I'll have found a new passion at the end of the day.

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