Friday, September 9, 2016

Getting Into Race Mode

Happy Friday!

It seems so weird to be titling a post "Getting Into Race Mode" in September.  Normally that would be something that I'd probably write about early in the season.  But, given that I haven't really had a season and my first (but amazingly, not last) race of the season is tomorrow, it's appropriate.

Tomorrow I will be toeing the line at the Ontario Women's Triathlon for the swim / bike.  I could probably tough out the triathlon as the run is only 4km but, I know that when I push the pace when I'm running, I aggravate the nerve in my leg.  So, I figured I'd play it safe and not risk doing any more damage.

I have to admit, I'm feeling a little rusty and more than a little nervous.  Of course, I broke my goggles this morning at the pool so when I get home I have to dig through everything and try to find my spares.  Or I take G's, which I think I should be able to find relatively easily.  I'm going to take my tri bike out for a spin tonight to make sure everything is running smoothly now that my race wheels are on my bike.   And of course, I can't forget to pack my wetsuit.  I also need to find my race belt.  I have no idea where that is, although I'm not sure I need it for this I'm not running.

SO MANY THINGS.   I feel like a newbie all over again, ha ha.

I am looking forward to racing this, even with the less than ideal forecast for tomorrow.   I went out to the free swim / bike clinic that Race Director, Paolina Allan held on Monday so I could check out the course and get another open water swim in.  The water is lovely!  I am hoping that it's not windy so the lake doesn't get too choppy.  The bike course it pretty much pancake flat so I can't wait to let Tom Sawyer fly.   I'll be curious to see what I can do given my lack of any sort of targeted bike training this summer.   Especially on my tri bike.  I've been riding my road bike on a regular basis since May!

Paolina and all  the ladies that came out to the clinic
I took my tri bike out a couple of times last weekend and it felt weird at first.  It just doesn't handle the same as my road bike.  But I got used to it fairly quickly.

I gotta say, I still think it's a pretty sweet bike.  I'm really hoping that it sees more action next year.

Speaking of next year, I've signed up for Tremblant 70.3 again.  Hopefully I make it to the start line.  There is also talk of doing Lake Placid 70.3, which falls on THIS weekend next September.  Could be a chilly race!  Finishing on that Olympic Oval is something pretty special.  So, we'll see what next year brings.  I have to fix my broken body first!

Anyway, good luck to everyone that may be racing this weekend and I'll be back next week with a race report.  Woohoo!

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